Do you feel if you had some structure and accountability you'd be unstoppable?


Otto was designed to lower the barrier of entry to get started on your work. Otto helps you tackle tasks and helps you with managing distractions.

With Otto Pro, you can

  • Create tasks to breakdown your work

  • Create workflows to nudge you in the right direction

  • Unlock all features with zero restrictions

  • Create shortcuts to speed things up (soon)

  • View reports to help you understand how you work

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Otto was designed to reduce distraction, add structure and increase focus and accountability.



Tasks are just your regular todolists but task timers are tasks that you can assign to a timer. Think a pomodoro timer + todo.

  • Sequence - Finish off tasks one after another

  • Create and manage unlimited tasks

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Workflows are simple rules and routines designed to guide you towards focused and productive work sessions by automating certain actions.

  • Autostart - Start timer automatically on any website

  • Autoblock - Automatically block a website after spending some time on it

  • Create unlimited workflows

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See how you use the web, where you spend time and learnwhere you need to cut down.

  • Usage analytics - See your top website usage

  • See your weekly browsing usage

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Otto can help you streamline your work by removing hurdles and giving you a little nudge to get things done.

Otto isPerfectfor

Remote workers seeking to manage work intervals, reduce distractions, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Writers aiming to initiate focused writing sessions and receive a gentle nudge to kickstart their creativity.

Virtual Assistants optimizing their time with autoblock features to limit distracting websites and streamline workflows using task timers.

Teachers desiring to restrict social media access during lesson planning and organize tasks such as grading and curriculum development into designated time blocks.

Freelancers aiming to achieve a flow state and minimize interruptions during work hours.

Developers working to break the habit of watching YouTube instead of addressing bugs.

Project Managers in need of motivation to start planning tasks for their team when they lack the initial drive.

Designers striving to engage in focused creative sessions, plan tasks efficiently, and avoid unrelated distractions.

Who arewe?

We're Layover. We're an indie company trying to build fun and useful products. If you've enjoyed using Otto and have found it useful, please consider upgrading. It'll mean a lot to a small team of two.