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A Pomodoro Timer and
site blocker to help you
be productive

Be focused and productive while working and studying. Otto is a free Pomodoro timer and a website blocker for chrome.

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Be focused,
Be Productive.

Increase your productivity while studying or working by using the Pomodoro timer to get things done. Otto has a smart Pomodoro timer, so it blocks websites from the block list while the work timer is on.

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Common questions

How does the pomodoro timer work?

Starting the timer creates a work session and a break session. The duration is up to you but the ideal duration is 25 minutes for work and 5 minutes for a break. At the end of the session, you'll hear a ding to remind you to take a break. And you'll also hear a ding when your break ends so be ready to go back to work.

Be Mindful.
Be Productive.

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