Be focused and mindful to do productive work

A free Pomodoro timer and a website blocker for chrome so you can be focused and productive while working or studying.

A Pomodoro Timer for your Productivty

Increase your productivity while studying/working by using the Pomodoro timer to get things done. Otto has a smart Pomodoro timer, so it blocks websites from the block list while the work timer is on.

New Feature

Auto block sites while you go down the rabbit hole of the Internet

Block websites automatically based on the amount of time you spend on them. It’s as simple as clicking play on Spotify.

New Feature

Learn how you spend your time while working

Ever wonder how distracted you get daily or how much time you spend being focused? Insights tells you how you can improve.

Work/Break timer

Do more meaningful work by dividing your time into intervals and by taking regular breaks to get more work or studying done.

Website Blocker

Block Websites that distract and make you unproductive. Adding sites to the block list will block sites when the work timer is on.

Auto Block

Automatically block websites based on the amount of time you spend on them.


Otto introduces a point-based reward system to make work a bit more fun and also remind you every action has a price.


Learn about how you spend your time on websites

Hard Mode

Take the challenge up a notch with Hard Mode

Pro version coming soon for $7

Otto's Pro version will be available in a few weeks. In the meantime download the free version.

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