A productivity companion to get work done.

Otto is a pomodoro timer and blocker that helps you focus on work by making it fun.

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Otto helps you focus and finish what you started.

Otto is not your regular pomodoro timer. It combines game mechanics into the app and making it alive. Your task is to look after otto by staying focused and not getting distracted or else otto might die.

This app has genuinely saved me from so much distraction. It's helped me keep focused, and I appreciate how the app is pretty simple but lets you adjust the things that you need to like how long each pomodoro is, how long the rest periods are, etc. I also love its ability in-app to block certain websites which prevent you from checking twitter when you really should be working. A great little app, don't know what I would do without it.

but it's also
more than that.

Autoblock. Automatically blocks websites after you spend a certain amount of time on them.

Measure. See how you use the web, where you spend time and where you lost focus and other insights.

Collect Points. Acquire maple leaves by finishing focus sessions which can be used as currency.

I've used Forest in the past, but I like the simplicity and UX of Otto better. I also really like the custom ppomodoro timer format. It has some quirks and bugs here and there, but overall the best productivity timer and website blocker I've used. I hope it stays this simple and doesn't get bloated with features.

A few more nice things people say about Otto

100+ Reviews, 65K+ Users

its so cute and useful

It's very helpful. Loved it.

I love the auto block where it blocks a website after a certain time. Just what I was looking for.

Best Tool ever for me either in terms of interface design or its simplicity. Very nice keep going.

i love the app, its just incredible, it helps me a lot with my organization.

Been using this since last year abd I really love how simple and effective it is. Love the new update

I love this extension! It is user friendly, helpful for ADHD, and visually appealing.

No doubt, has made me a more productive person. It's cute. It's effective. It's my favorite.

This is the best productivity extension in my opinion!

A little friend for your big mind

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