ADHD apps and Chrome extentions that help with focus

Published on July 14, 2023

ADHD, the good old pal that’s always with you. Some say it’s a superpower but we know what the reality is. Bursts of energy with long durations of nothingness and dread. Lots of hopes and dreams are crushed during this time. It's like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but feeling paralyzed, unable to reach it. You want to work on something but you keep putting it off and one by one, the tasks pile up and one day it’s a huge mountain of tasks that you now need to overcome.

We’ve all had our fair share of these issues, especially people with ADHD. While there's no magical cure for this condition, we find ways to adapt and coexist with it. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no silver lining, a glimmer of hope. There’s always one. What helps me is structuring my life, focusing on one thing at a time and not trying to do everything at once.

But the world is full of distractions and lets be honest, a shiny object can easily divert our attention. So how do we function in this world of chaos? How do we structure our lives so that it doesn’t make us feel like crap at the end of the day?

Why using apps helps with adhd?

  1. Improved Organization and Task Management: ADHD often affects a person's ability to stay organized and manage tasks effectively. ADHD apps can provide visual reminders, notifications, and organizational tools that help individuals stay on track with their responsibilities. These apps can assist in creating to-do lists, setting reminders, scheduling activities, and breaking down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. By providing structure and support, ADHD apps can help individuals with ADHD stay organized and reduce the feeling of overwhelm.
  2. Enhanced Focus and Time Management: One of the core challenges of ADHD is difficulty with sustaining focus and managing time efficiently. ADHD apps can incorporate features such as timers, pomodoro techniques (using timers for focused work intervals followed by short breaks), and productivity tracking tools. These features can help individuals with ADHD allocate their time effectively, increase their focus during work or study sessions, and maintain a productive workflow. By promoting time management and focused attention, ADHD apps can help combat procrastination and increase productivity.

In this article, I will introduce you to five underrated ADHD apps that have the potential to add structure to your life. It's important to note that apps alone cannot fix all your problems, but they can serve as valuable tools in your arsenal.

Otto - Pomodoro Timer


Pricing plan - Free to use. Has a payment plan for advance features.

Otto is a productivity Chrome extension that combines a free Pomodoro timer and a website blocker to help you stay focused and productive while working or studying. With its user-friendly interface and engaging game-like features, Otto provides a seamless and enjoyable experience while maximising your productivity potential.

  1. Website Blocker: Eliminate distractions by blocking access to tempting websites during work or study sessions.
  2. Game-like Features: Stay engaged and motivated with elements like a death count, hard mode, and times distracted.
  3. Focus Enhancement: Maintain concentration and productivity with targeted features designed for ADHD challenges.

Catadoo - a Tamagochi todolist


Pricing plan - Free to use.

Catadoo is a unique productivity tool that combines task management with the adorable presence of a virtual cat. Stay motivated and accountable as you complete tasks to earn crystals, care for your cat, and prevent it from "dying." With engaging game-like features Catadoo keeps you focused, productive, and entertained.

  1. Accountability: The virtual cat in Catadoo serves as a visual reminder and motivator, helping individuals with ADHD stay accountable for completing tasks.
  2. Gamification: Catadoo turns task completion into a game-like experience, making it more engaging and enjoyable for users with ADHD.
  3. Sub-Task Organization: Breaking down larger tasks into smaller sub-tasks within Catadoo allows individuals with ADHD to focus on one step at a time, reducing overwhelm.



Pricing plan - Free to try. Has a payment plan with more features.

Colide is a powerful platform that supports individuals with ADHD by offering text-only task sessions, instant partner matching, and a community-driven approach. It helps users tackle daily challenges and embraces the unpredictable nature of being human.

  1. Instant Task Sessions: Join 30-minute text-only task sessions anytime, providing structure and accountability for individuals with ADHD.
  2. Partner Matching: Quickly find a task partner to start and complete tasks together, fostering motivation and a sense of support.
  3. ADHD Support: Colide's features and community-driven approach provide valuable support for individuals with ADHD, fostering productivity and a sense of belonging.

Brain FM


  • Pricing plan - Free to try. Has a monthly subscription plan with more features. offers scientifically-proven focus music designed to increase concentration and optimize performance. With its gentle rhythmic pulses and background blending, it helps individuals with ADHD work better and stay focused distraction-free.

Pros and Features:

  1. Scientifically-Backed: collaborates with academic institutions, utilizing fMRI and EEG to observe the effects of their technology on the brain. This ensures reliable results and a focus-enhancing experience.
  2. Tailored for ADHD: is highly effective for individuals with ADHD or attention difficulties, providing the necessary support to improve concentration and focus on work or tasks.
  3. Customized Experience: The app allows users to adjust focus levels based on simple questions, ensuring a personalized experience and helping individuals find their optimal state of focus.

While incorporating ADHD apps provides valuable support and structure for individuals with ADHD, offering benefits like improved organization, enhanced focus, and medication reminders. These apps help navigate distractions, increase productivity, and should be used alongside other strategies for a comprehensive management plan. ADHD apps are valuable tools for individuals with ADHD, improving organization and task management while enhancing focus and time management. They also assist with medication reminders. However, they should be used in conjunction with other strategies to address individual needs effectively.