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What is Autostart? How to use it to trigger focus timers automatically?

Published on January 30, 2024

What is Autostart in workflows?

Autostart starts the Pomodoro Timer automatically when you visit specific websites. Perfect for those moments when you need a nudge to get started. Whether it's work on Google Docs or battling YouTube distractions, Autostart is your productivity sidekick.

Adding an Autostart Rule:

  1. Open Otto Extension:

    • Click on the Otto extension icon to open it.
  2. Navigate to Autostart:

    • Click on the block icon (the 3rd button) in the navigation bar.
    • Select the "Workflows" tab.
  3. Create Autostart Rule:

    • Look for a condition like "If visit [website], trigger timer."
  4. Choose Website:

    • Click the website dropdown and select the site you want to trigger the timer.
    • If your website is not in the dropdown, click "New+" to add it.
  5. Add Rule:

    • Click the "Add Rule" button to include it in your workflow rules.

How it Works:

  • Timer Trigger:

    • When you visit the website added to the Autostart rule, Otto automatically starts the Focus Timer.
    • This is equivalent to manually starting the timer, activating your focused work mode.
  • Website Blocking:

    • Once the timer starts, Otto blocks all websites on your block list.
    • Distractions are temporarily out of sight, keeping you in the zone.
  • Timer Completion:

    • When you stop the timer, Otto unblocks the previously blocked websites.
    • You're back to regular browsing once your focused session is over.

Enjoy the seamless workflow and increased productivity with Otto's Autostart feature. If you ever need to modify or add new rules, just swing by the Workflows tab. Happy focused working!